Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick OOTD

Hi everyone,

Here a quick couple of OOTD's from last week.
1 is what i wore shopping, it was a really nice day outside and the other is what i wore to my first proper day at my internship.

1st Outfit:
Blue Monroe (by Myer) top
City Chic high waisted skirt
City Chic blazer
Bag from Strandbags
(Also wore black flats from Spend-less shoes)

2nd Outfit:
Torrid light denim shorts
New Look military green with cross sleevless top
Tiffany & co necklace
Swatch watch
(also wore pink Havianas thongs :) )

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Hi all,

It's been a while since i posted,

I've been following the Aussie Curves ladies however I haven't posted anything myself..
Being a bit slack + was away over Christmas :)

Just a quick update:

I will continue blogging, as i'm liking it a lot. Please bare with me as I have a VERY busy month of January..

Basically, I'm working, doing an internship 1 day a week, doing my last subject at Uni throughout Summer School (all of January) AND trying to find the time to exercise...
Fun times.. ^_^
I know that by the end of January, i will feel relieved.

I have now lost a total of 11.5kg's, I did gain 500grams over Christmas as i wasn't doing Lite n Easy or working out, but i'm back on it and seeing my trainer again as well. I will be starting 3 days a week of training instead of the 2 that I was doing over the last 2 months.

By the way: I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and an eventful New Years, hope everyone stayed safe and ate a lot :)

Thanks for reading guys,

See you again soon :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Aussie Curves - Mixing patterns!


Wow, what a LONG and super busy week I have had..
Words cannot describe how tired I am haha, working fulltime (shift work) + volunteering for events + personal training sessions + squeezing in time to see my loved ones. It's been VERY busy but I'm glad that it is almost over.

So this weeks topic is mixing patterns. I did have a couple of outfits in mind however they were all quite plain with 2 different patterns but the same colour both top and bottom, so here is something completely different, something I would have never worn until I actually put these 2 things together (now I think that it is amazing!!)

So here I am, the weather this week has been up and down in Melbourne, so this is a kind of 'in between' look.

What i'm wearing:
CC black cami
Torrid floral top with lace pocket
New Look (Inspire) animal print leggings
CC black bow flats

On my face:
All i've put on today is some tinted moisturiser as I know i'll be running around and since it's raining, don't need any running mascara!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

O.P.I Purchase & Review

After waiting about a month, I finally recieved my O.P.I nail polishes in the mail.

Purchased 4 O.P.I polishes from BrandsExclusive.com.au as they were all marked down to just $10!!

From left to right: Coney Island Cotton Candy, Barefoot in Barcelona, My Private Jet and Goldeneye (007 collection).

Recieved them today (on a Saturday?!) and thought it was a wonderful start to my weekend. All colours seem very pigmented and great quality, as all O.P.I's generally are!

I decided to paint my nails in the colour "Barefoot in Barcelona". It's a browny pink colour and is just really subtle and beautiful. Just 1 coat would have been substantial however I like to always apply 2 coats. The brush is fantastic, no problems at all! Definitely recommend O.P.I as a brand of nailpolishes, although they are quite pricey, I think they are worth having (a girl needs at least ONE bottle!!)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Black Friday Torrid Sale

Hello everyone!

My Black Friday purchases from Torrid arrived in the mail this week so i've taken a couple of amatuer photos to show you what I bought. Everything on the website was 40% off and clearance items were reduced 50% as well. A few of these photos are terribly taken outside as there was a little sun so my face is not very flattering but doesn't matter!! I absolutely love every item I bought except for a baseball style top that didn't fit very well so i've put it up on my eBay, you can view it here: Bruce Springsteen baseball top
The prices mentioned are already marked down :)

Sugar skull glitter top with cold shoulders - $14.99
The black Chloe shorts - $11.49

Purple sequined lace dolman top - $25.50
The black Chloe shorts

Black overlay lace tank top - $14.99
Grey leopard ruched sleeve blazer - $35.10
The black Chloe shorts 

Nude lace and black tank dress - $38.70

Hematite and silver bow stacked ring set - $7.50

I also purchased a black basic knit cardigan which i didn't take a photo of but did cost $20.74. (Needed a new cardigan after my ASOS one has completely stretched out!) 

And these are my freshly painted nails by Butter London in the colour "Dahling"
Which I purchased through Catch Of The Day a while ago.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yesterday I did not start work till the early afternoon so I took the opportunity to venture out into the Melbourne CBD to make a couple of sneaky purchases. Here is my outfit for the day:

I quite like this outfit, it is very comfortable and simple yet still stylish. I ended up pairing this outfit with a grey jacket from Sportsgirl as it was a little cold and windy yesterday.
The pants are "harem style" as they tie up at the bottom make the pants appear as if they were harem pants. They are quite thin so perfect for summer!

Black top: Avella by Big W
Pants: H&M+ (purchased whilst in Europe)
Flats: Spend-less Shoes

And here are the yummy treats that I bought:

Lindt Macarons (4 for my mum, 1 for me :) )
Nespresso coffee pods for my coffee machine!

Don't forget to check out my eBay items: Natray101

Monday, December 3, 2012

Aussie Curves - Orange Week

This is my very first post for Aussie Curves, I found out about it after stalking a few Aussie bloggers.
Although my lovely pic is a mirror shot selfie, I will still enter myself into the blog hop :)
Apologies for the lack of experience, i've got my L plates on :-p

I realised that I have absolutely NO orange in my wardrobe except for this dress, which i've never worn, EVER. I just don't think orange is my colour nevertheless here it is:

Dress: Monroe size 20
Belt: Torrid (from an old dress)
Heels: Williams size 11
and my little doggy on the bed :) hehe.

If you have any tips on taking photos on your own without the mirror please comment!!